Appreciating Our Coworkers

This week at Quickscrews during our morning scrum we took the time to appreciate co-workers that support us and help us improve at our job. Interestingly, most people were unable to choose one person and instead extended their appreciation to the entire team. It really shows how we all work together as a team and how each person in the company play a small role in the overall vision of Quickscrews.

Towards the end of the week, our CEO Greg stepped in, as he often does, and decided to share some words of wisdom. He said, “to appreciate a fellow co-worker individually does not take away from others or minimizes their efforts.” I could not agree more.

I was one of the few that chose appreciate individuals. The first one was our Marketing Director, Samantha Dalton. She has been guiding me and supporting my new role in every way she can. She is very organized and has excellent time management skills, which I am slowly but surely learning from her. The second was our VP of Marketing, Jared Wiener. He challenges me to step out of my comfort zone and remove mental limitations that I set for myself. He helps me grow as an individual and allows me to step into my new role with confidence. I am extremely thankful for both Samantha and Jared.

They say that people do not quit jobs, they only quit bosses. With the way things are going, I think I will be sticking with these two for a while.


Isidro Orta