March Madness

My dad engrained a passion for sports in me from the moment I was born; I attended my first college basketball game at two weeks old. So it’s no wonder that every year I am giddy for the greatest sports tournament, college basketball’s March Madness, to begin. 

Nothing can sum up the madness better than just looking at the Final Four – Gonzaga, Oregon, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Two teams were expected to be there, North Carolina and Gonzaga, even though the latter of which has never been to the Final Four. Then there’s first-timer South Carolina and first-timer-since-1939-buying-their-way-into-college-sports-elite Oregon. This is why we all tune in for the madness. My bracket has been busted since day one (I’m pretty sure I’m in last place in our office pool), but the most exciting and entertaining sports event has certainly lived up to its billing. I’m going to predict a Gonzaga vs North Carolina final, but based on my bracket, the opposite is just as likely to happen. Whoever you’re rooting for (or even if you’re not rooting for any of the teams), don’t miss the action next Saturday – the madness continues and it is must-see TV.

We will keep you updated on who wins our office pool! Right now, it looks like it is between Samantha - our Marketing Director and an Oregon Alum, Jared – the VP of Marketing, and Stu – Salesman extraordinaire.  



Russell Eisenman