Behind Our Meet the Crew Videos

This week we are launching the newest Meet the Crew video featuring our SC Warehouse’s newest addition, Brian Davis. We began the series as a fun way for our customers and vendors to get to know our staff, but along the way we learned much more about each other than we ever had before.  People began to open up to the camera and express themselves more than they had with their colleagues in person. Creating a company culture is often talked about in theory, but how does one actually execute it? We at Quickscrews have found that in order to continue the family culture we have here, that we need to create the environment for people to get to know one another. In that sense, these videos have become a great way for not only our customers and vendors to learn about our staff, but us as well! At the end of the day, we tend to work a little better together because of it as well. Hope you enjoy! 



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