April Fool's at Quickscrews

After much thought, I would like to inform all of you wonderful Quickscrews customers and supporters that I will leaving my family business, to move to Antarctica to study the March of the Penguins. Just kidding, I’m not going anywhere-- I love this business and can’t stand the cold. April Fool’s!

We’re sharing our favorite April Fool jokes/pranks at this week’s Quickscrews SCRUM, so I’ll briefly share one of mine. A close friend in college pulled an April Fool’s prank on us, so naturally we had to exact revenge. He happened to be looking to sell a few tickets to see Wimbledon that year and had put up the tickets on Craigslist, but was not getting many calls. As it was nearing the event date, he constantly was telling us about how worried he was the tickets wouldn’t sell, since after all, they were quite expensive. With a little recon, we were able to hack his Craigslist account and change the ticket prices to something absurd, like $20 (for front row seats at Wimbledon), and made the only available contact info to be his cell phone number, requesting that people call multiple times and leave a message if they didn’t hear back from him within an hour. Our goal was achieved, as he received over 200 calls, texts, and voicemails in about a 2 hour time span-- continuing on at this rate for about 4 days until he was able to remove the ad. Sometimes, the most petty things can be so satisfying.

So feel free to share your favorite April Fool’s pranks, or if you’re a more serious person, just take a look at our screws and have a great day! 



Jared Wiener

Vice President Marketing