Time to Reflect

At this time of year it is nice to take a few moments to reflect on how we are doing. I have been working hard this year on improving both my professional and personal life. In business I often take a good deal of time to analyze what we have done; then evaluate our options and lastly design a course of action consistent with the results of those processes. I find I rarely do that in my personal life. I will try harder. As my wife, Deb and I were raising 3 boys who were two years apart there wasn't a whole lot of time for analysis, just a whole lot of doing. I can't believe my twins Aaron and Mike are sophomores in college and Jared has graduated. Man just yesterday I was coaching and they were playing T-Ball and Soccer. Wow time does fly. My wife and I have known each other for 25 years and married for 24. That has been a ride too. I am truly blessed with great family and friends. I hope you too have time to reflect.

Happy Holidays, Greg